Create a task using Automated Actions

This is another example of using Automated Actions. This will create a task on an existing project when a Sales Order is confirmed.

Enable Developer Mode and navigate to Settings / Technical / (Automation) / Automated Actions:

Data to Write:

This is a very simple example and it can be adapted quite easily.

Also, Odoo already has standard functionality to create projects or tasks for service items, and that may be a simpler way to achieve the same thing.

9 thoughts on “Create a task using Automated Actions

    1. You could have one server action per task you want created and have a single automated action that executes all of them. Note that sales order confirmation times tend to take a bit of a hit from automations linked to confirmation and/or transfer creation.

      Outside of automated actions, there are also options on service product cards to create a task and/or project when a sales order that includes the product is confirmed.


  1. Hi Chris, I have a question on the use of a boolean created with Odoo Studio. I added a Boolean field on the sale order. By default the field is not marked, but i want the field to become ‘true’ when the quotation is validated.
    I have used your example, and tried different values for updating my boolean (true/false, 0/1), but none of these values worked. Do you perhaps know what I am doing incorrect?


  2. Hi Chris

    I’m trying to make an automated action to create a task when I create a new Contact. I want to task linked to the new Contact, but the action shall only apply if attribute company_type = [company]

    Do you have any suggestion how I would do this?



    1. Yes, can be done. The domain is [[“is_company”,”=”,True]] and you need to add an extra line:

      Customer (project.task) Python expression


  3. Hello, I’d like to use this to create a new scheduled activity (“call”) for a lead in CRM when the lead moves from one stage to another. I tried a few options but am getting errors – can someone advise what the specific “Data to write” should be to create a scheduled action?


    1. For “Action to do”, select “Create next activity”, then you get an “Activity” field to populate rather than “Data to write”


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