This page contains some hints and tips related to Settings.

1. Default accounts

Odoo has a list of default accounts in the Company Properties.

Start by enabling developer mode and navigate to Settings / Technical / Company Properties.

These are some of the Company Parameters for accounts:

Error creating customers or suppliers

One very common problem in Odoo is that you get an error message when trying to save a customer or supplier (vendor).

This error often happens with a new database or a new company.

Note that if you select a country when you create the database, these records should be automatically created

If you don’t specify a country on installation you can install a “Fiscal Localization package”. This creates the chart of accounts and also sets the defaults in Company Properties:

  • the Account Receivable account for the customer
  • the Account Payable account for a supplier / vendor

If you already have a chart of accounts but still get the error, it may be because these records are missing or incorrect.

Let’s see how to check them and fix the error:

Check the value – in this example it is: account.account,6

That means that the ID of the account in the Chart of Accounts is 6. There’s a fairly simple way to check whether that is correct, or to find the value if it needs to be entered. Simply go to Accounts / Configuration / Chart of Accounts for the company and search for the “Account Receivable” account and display it in Form View:

In the address bar of your browser you can see that the ID is 6, which matches what was shown in Company Properties.

So, in summary, if you get this error message, check the following

  1. Have you installed a “Fiscal Localization package”? This creates the chart of accounts and also sets the defaults as described above. If not, install one.
  2. If you have, is there a record in Company Properties? If not, create one as shown above (with the correct ID).
  3. If there is a record in the Company Properties but the value is missing or incorrect, add the correct account ID in the format shown above.

2. Zero Cost

In Odoo 12 you can set an option in the System Parameters to allow zero cost. This should not be required in Odoo 13.

Start by enabling developer mode and navigate to Settings / Technical / System Parameters


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