Adding a Kanban view (using Odoo Studio)

A Kanban view can be a good way to represent data. Odoo Studio makes it easy to add them, but sadly there isn’t much you can change without directly editing the XML.

Start by enabling Studio, then click on “Edit Menu” (in the top right hand corner)

The “Edit Menu” window is displayed for the current application (Inventory):

After clicking on “New Menu” the following window is displayed.

You have to give your new menu a name and select the model (database table). We are using Product Template.

You can drag and drop menus to the required position (using the “grab handle” with three horizontal lines).

We can edit the menu

To make this more usable, we will edit the domain to only select records with state of “New” [state1] or “In Review” [state2].


Note that this uses the random field name assigned by Odoo Studio (see the example of adding a Pipeline Status Bar).

Click on “Confirm” and close Odoo Studio. Now we can see the menu:

Next we will add the Kanban view.

Start Studio and select “Views”. From here, you can activate the Kanban view:

We will remove the buttons for “Create” and “Edit:

…and group records using the new “pipeline status bar” field:

You can see that the buttons have been removed and the columns are the different states:

Note that because we added a Kanban view, the Windows Action has been automatically updated:

Users can change the “state” by “drag and drop”

Next steps might be:

  • Add rules for different states
  • Limit who can view this menu
  • Send notifications to selected users when
    • New products are ready to review
    • Products have been approved
  • Add another state for rejected products

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