Odoo Form View

Every model (table) in Odoo should have a Form View. They can be very simple or quite complex, but the structure is standard.

Note: The Form Views for orders (including Sales Orders) look a bit different because they have order lines shown in the first “tab”, but actually the structure is the same.

The Form View has several sections, as shown below (this is for a product, the content will vary for other models / tables):

The menu is always shown at the top of the screen.

The same menu is shown for all views in an application. You can edit the menu from Settings / Menu Items (in Developer Mode) and Odoo Studio has a simple “drag and drop” interface for editing menus.

Title and Actions

  1. Title (Internal Reference + Product Name)
  2. Buttons (Edit and Create)
  3. Print (note 1)
  4. Actions (note 2)
  5. Navigation (previous and next record)

You cannot amend this using Odoo Studio, but:

  1. If you add reports (through Odoo Studio) they will be listed in the ‘Print’ Menu.
  2. If you add “contextual actions” they will be shown in the ‘Actions’ menu.

Progress bar

The “Progress Bar” is not used for products, so here’s an example from Sales Orders:

You can add a progress bar using Odoo Studio. This can be part of a workflow solution.

More buttons

Odoo Studio doesn’t allow you to amend these buttons either.

Smart buttons

These “smart buttons” display information from a linked table. You can click on them to get details (e.g. stock on hand).

You can add a new Smart Button using Odoo Studio (by selecting a ‘related field’).


This displays the product name and some other fields (for products there are a series of checkboxes).

It cannot be amended using Odoo Studio.


The first tab should contain the main information about the product (for an order it will have a list of lines). Other tabs will each contain groups of fields or lists of related data (or both).

Tabs will be displayed depending upon which other apps / modules are displayed, and configuration options.

So, for example, the Product Template Form View will only show purchase information if the Purchase app is installed, and variants if they are enabled in this database.

Using Odoo Studio, you can add new tabs, remove tabs (actually they are just hidden) and of course you can add new fields to tabs.

Odoo Studio does not allow you to re-order tabs or move fields between tabs (but you can delete a field on one tab and add it to another tab).


The “chatter” shows you the history of the product, and you can log notes, schedule activity, add attachments and “follow” this product.

If your screen is big enough, “chatter” is displayed on the right of the screen rather than at the bottom.

I’m sure it used to be possible to use Odoo Studio to add “chatter” to a Form View, but I can’t find it now!