Odoo Help Forum

A few notes and observations on using the Odoo Help Forum

There are some guidelines here

Asking questions

The title needs to be clear and concise. If possible, state the version (e.g. 12EE, 13CE) and the app (Inventory, Sales, etc.)

The description is where you add information about what you are trying to do, and why. It may help to explain the business case (if it’s a functional issue).

Examples can help to make it clearer, but try to explain the background and context as well.

Formatting questions and answers

HTML is not allowed.

It’s possible to add some formatting in Questions and Answers (but not comments). This includes program code:


Please add a comment if someone has responded to your question.

  • If it has helped, say “Thanks”
  • If it has solved your problem (or provided the information you needed), say so!
  • If it hasn’t helped, it’s fine to say so, but please try to be polite. Maybe your question wasn’t clear so you can add more information or explanation.


If the answer has helped, please give an “up vote”

  • Everyone should be able to “up vote” (but in special cases you might not have enough xp / “karma”)
  • An “upvote” gives xp to the person who answered

It’s also possible to give a “down vote” but this should only be used in exceptional cases.

  • As you’d expect, a “down vote” deducts xp from the person who answered. So, as there are (currently) not many “up votes” it’s not really fair to use “down votes”.
    • If the forum was healthier, there might be several answers with proper voting on which is the best one, but it isn’t!
  • You need to have 50 xp to “down vote”.

Selecting the best answer

It’s possible to select a “Best Answer”. This earns you xp as well giving xp to the user who answered the question.

Voting on answers

It’s also possible to “up vote” and “down vote” questions. The theory is that good questions get voted up and become more visible.