Developer (Debug) Mode

In Odoo, enabling Developer (Debug) Mode grants access to technical features. It should therefore not normally be used by end users.

Enabling developer mode

  1. The simplest way to enable developer mode is by using add-ons for Chrome and Firefox.
  2. It’s also possible to directly change the URL (see below)
  3. Or you can enable Developer Mode from within Odoo

Enable Developer Mode from within Odoo

This is slightly different according to the Odoo version.

In Odoo 10 and later it is in Settings:

Odoo 10, 11 & 12

In Odoo versions 10, 11 & 12 it is at the bottom right of the main settings panel.

Odoo 12

Odoo 13 onwards

In Odoo 13 and later, the above panel has been removed and the option is at the bottom of “General Settings”:

Odoo 13

There are three options:

  1. Activate the developer mode
  2. Activate the developer mode (with assets)
  3. Activate the developer mode (with tests assets)

Note that in both versions, the options change when you are in debug mode:

  1. Activate the developer mode (with assets)
  2. Activate the developer mode (with tests assets)
  3. De-activate the developer mode

Features of developer mode

  1. Additional options in the Settings menu
    • This provides access to a large number of options.
  2. When your mouse “hovers” over a field, technical information is displayed.
  3. A “debug menu” provides access to technical information about the model and view, allows user-defined defaults and filters to be reviewed, etc.

This is the Settings Menu with developer mode switched off:

This is the same menu with developer mode switched ON:

There are three differences

  1. “Groups” option in the “Users & Companies” menu
  2. “Gamification” menu is displayed
  3. “Technical Settings” menu is displayed

Technical Settings menu

This menu contains a large number of options

Enabling developer mode by changing the URL

This is a bit geeky, but it works!

A typical URL is something like this:


This can be changed to:


2 thoughts on “Developer (Debug) Mode

  1. How do you change default setting from debug > Set defaults? as well as add new conditions?
    Example: I am trying to change the Account Payable Account to default to something different from what I get based on country.


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