Automated Actions to create tasks for Sales Order lines

This is another example of using Automated Actions. When a Sales Order is confirmed this will create tasks (on a project) for each of the sales order lines.

Enable Developer Mode and navigate to Settings / Technical / (Automation) / Automated Actions:

Data to Write:

Python expression: + ' / ' +

This is a very simple example and it can be adapted quite easily.

  • You could write other information to the task by changing the Python expression: + ' / ' + str(record.product_uom_qty)

(that will write the Product name and quantity)

Note that Odoo already has standard functionality to create projects or tasks for service items, and that may be a simpler way to achieve the same thing. This is described in more detail here.

2 thoughts on “Automated Actions to create tasks for Sales Order lines

  1. Is there any preparation I have to do in Project App before creating this automation? For some reason I can’t get it to work.


    1. You need to have created a project in the Project app. In my example I had a project called “Odoo implementation”.

      Do you have an error or is nothing happening?


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