Strange things on the Odoo Help Forum

As with most forums, users can “upvote” and “downvote” contributions. In principle this is a good thing but some people seem to use it in “strange” ways. Here’s one example:

1. Why did this get “down votes”?

It’s a good question!! If I posted a question and got three “down votes” I would feel very discouraged.

2. Why are there three “up votes” for a very generic answer that doesn’t actually address the problem raised?

Interestingly, all those “up votes” came very quickly after this response.

3. Someone has asked a question about this answer, but the author hasn’t responded!

If you are on the Help Forum, to help people then you should respond to comments.

What can be done?

There are some good suggestions in that Twitter thread. Surely it must be possible to select some of the very active contributors who post useful responses, and they could be given extended “super user” access to the forum:

  1. See who has upvoted / downvoted, and who has marked answers as “correct”.
  2. Adjust “upvotes” and “downvotes” if necessary
  3. Choose a different answer as correct.
  4. Add comments about their actions that would only be visible to the other “super users”
  5. Allow images to be posted by trusted users (or maybe allow other users to do this subject to review / approval).
  6. Even if profiles are private, it should be possible to check the questions they have submitted.

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